krakens vs. spiderman vs. vikings

My name is Jourdyn. I am 22 years old. I work as a makeup artist with Sephora. I’ve been going to school (off and on) for illustration; I want to apply what I learned for game design. I spend most of time out of work playing video games. It’s a huge love of mine. I have 5 tattoos 3 are from games that have affected my life in one way or another, the other tattoo is the reason I make art. I love tripping it helps ground me to earth and shows me the beauty in the world. My blog will be totally random sorry. I will post gaming, sex, music, cute animals, hair, clothing, my life; I don’t have a theme it’s just going to be me posting what I enjoy. I hope to make friends with all of you, and to the ones, who don’t like what I post, I am sorry but this is me. Thank you for following me!


Finals from the MoonQueen zine for Light Grey Art Lab’s Stacks exhibition!

It’s based off of the year 1992- when Alexander McQueen debuted his first collection and Sailor Moon was released in Japan.  

It’s also on behance up here if you wanna follow me there!

More of my work is available to view at

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none of that was expected.

I have seen this at least five times and every time the ending takes me by surprise

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Baskin-Robbins JP “Halloween Sundaes” evoke spooky Halloween day and night, and will be available from 9/26

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Featured Curator of the Week : Archan Nair [archanN]

Leontine Greenberg is a painter, puppet-maker, and prop designer. She lives in Jackson Heights, Queens with her husband, daughter and two cats. Leontine’s work has been shown at galleries around the country, including ThinkSpace Gallery, Gallery1988, C.A.V.E. Gallery and myplasticheart NYC. She is inspired by lost photographs, old boats, city rooftops, the coming environmental apocalypse and Beatrix Potter. Leontine loves to paint tiny floating creatures and post-human storybook anecdotes.

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